T-Mobile in eastern Iowa

Curious if anyone does have T-Mobile in eastern Iowa.

IWireless was not that great (good prices, pretty much statewide coverage but mostly 850mhz-spaced sites so lots of coverage gaps, they had PCS and nothing but PCS (band 2)..lots of EDGE coverage and a limited LTE coverage area with no VoLTE…). Since T-Mo bought them 2 years ago they’ve gotten newer hardware on probably every site, band 71 (600mhz), US Cellular roaming (I assume band 12, that’s what I got when my Verizon phone LTE-roamed off USCC..both VZW and USCC) and now with Sprint buyout they have more 1900 (band 2), whatever band PCS “G” is, and band 41 (2.5ghz).

Sprint’s network here has always been rather poor and the coverage area is limited, so just as well that someone is making good use of that spectrum.

Anyone have service in Iowa City area, how’s it working now? I see on cellmapper it’s a mix of band 2 and band 2+71 sites (as of August or so though.)


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