cant get verizon service on my visible phone

Originally Posted by shaolinwookie yes i contacted tracfone to transfer service from one sim to the ne

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yes i contacted tracfone to transfer service from one sim to the next. i dont see the volte option in the settings so i assumed it didnt have it, i can see if visible knows where the option or maybe google knows. when i go to apn, i dont see any settings and i also cant add it, i posted a screenshot of what i seeName: 2020-08-02.jpg
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Looks like you don't have an APN. Since VoLTE uses data, that will stop calls (and data) from working.

You could try touching the three dots at the top right. That should bring up a button to reset to default.

Probably time to contact TF. I would do it by chat. It looks like the SIM was not properly activated. It may also be that it is taking time for the number port to complete between AT&T and Verizon. Did you port the number and how long ago did you transfer?

Have you checked the status of the phone in your online TF account or the TF app with WiFi?

I don't know if Visible buggers their phones to keep them from working elsewhere. I think there may have been post about it at Reddit for Visible.
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