Moving out from Koodo to different carrierS (plural)??

My Koodo account has three lines for the family ($48 for 5GB+unlimited voice).

Trying to understand two fundamental issues:

#1 Not having much experience with porting:
Can I port two lines to Zoomer ($40.50 for 6GB+Unlimited voice) and one line to Fido ($50 for 9GB+ unlimited voice)?
I am not sure if this kind of porting out individual lines from a current (Koodo) account to different destination carriers is possible.

#2 I understand I will need new SIM cards for each ported line: so if I had wanted to do this over the web via chat with the new carriers then I guess that this would not work because I can’t get a SIM … but isn’t there a way for them to time the port for AFTER the point I receive a mailed SIM?


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