I have a Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro running Android 6.0.1 . I like it, it generally works fine. I believe it uses the Verizon network. But when I’m in a certain area, part of zip code 84512 in Utah, it has the following problem:

No internet access via mobile data, and no outgoing or incoming SMS or calling capability. When I try to make a call, I get the message “You are roaming…” from the American Roaming Network, asking me to pay for a pin.

The network icon (bars) shows good signal strength.

Within a few miles north or south (maybe 20-30 miles), the phone works fine. My inference is that Tracfone doesn’t allow smartphone roaming, and that I’m getting signal from a tower operated by a company with no contract with Tracfone. My guess is that if I could get the phone to access a more distant tower, with a weaker signal, that did function properly with Tracfone, then it would work fine.

I would prefer not to deal with ARN for various reasons. My phone has no visible options for resetting PRL or carrier connections.

Any ideas how I can get the phone working from that limited area?