cant get verizon servic eon my visible phone

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the company had me do a factory reset as part of troubleshooting. i was on att tracfone byop sim and i just switched it to a sim that used verizon service. i cannot change the apn and i also dont have volte on this phone

Did you do a TF transfer service from the TF-ATT SIM to the TF-Verizon SIM? It won’t work if you just put an unactivated TF-Verizon SIM in.

If it is a Visible phone it is capable of VoLTE. That is all Visible uses for voice – no CDMA. Phones can no longer be activated on any Verizon service if they are not VoLTE compatible.

Even if you can’t change the APN you can still read what it is (on my phones). If it doesn’t say: VZWINTERNET as the APN, not the Name, it won’t work on TF.

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